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Dipendu Ganguly

(Pyra vastu consultant)

In simple terms, ‘Vas’ is residence and ‘tu’ means you. It means the place where you reside. Vastu is derived from the Sanskrit word Vaas which means ‘to reside’. In a more broader sense it is not just the house alone but the land or plot on which the house is built, the surrounding area, it’s shape, size, weight, color, architectural design, and many other factors including the type of interior decoration.

Only if the combinations of directions and energy is very good, then residents will live a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful life.

Our Process

Land Activation (Activation of Brahmasthan)

(ZEE Media Corporation Limited, Film City)

The photograph on the right is : Land (centre - Brahmasthan) Activation work under progress at ZEE MEDIA CORPORATION, FILM CITY, NOIDA. Land activation or energizing the piece of land on which a building is proposed to be built, be it residential or commercial, is an important aspect in the field of Vastu. The piece of land has to be free of 'Vastu Dosh'. That is the earth at least 10 feet feet below from the base of foundation needs to be pure, good earth and not contaminated with human , animal skeletons and few other objects that is related with Vastu Dosh. If so, then the effects would be very negative.

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