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Pyra Vastu, as it is known, is Pyramid Vastu. The application of this technique, does not involve any addition, alteration or modification of the building. Because it is simply not possible to carry out addition /alteration to any multistoried flat / residence / building. Therefore without doing any breakages / damages the Vastu faults can be rectified by installation of Yantras. The biggest advantage of this technique is, it is most economical, cost effective, and 100 % result oriented. Be it residential or commercial, all Vastu doshas / faults, can be rectified. Even independent houses / premises / buildings can be rectified. Pyra Vastu Yantras have a tremendous amount of Positive Energy, has the capability of neutralizing negativity. It helps in maintaining peace and harmony, takes care of health issues, family relational matters, financial problems, growth, education, stability in life, etc.
It is strongly recommended, that before construction of a building, the land has to be activated. Land activation is very important. If the piece of plot on which you intend to build your house has no positive energy or has zero energy or is full of negative energy, people living in that house will face a lot of problems related to health particularly . Health would be a major issue. It is like building a house on a weak foundation. If the very foundation of the building is weak, how can you expect happiness, good health, stability and growth living in that house ?
The center of the house or the plot or the entire area owned by the subject is known as Brahmasthan. This is the most important part of the house also known as the remote control of the entire house. In case this has dosh / defects and if the dosh / defect happens to be a major one it can lead to early death of owner / elder most / major heart related problem and can be a cause of major disaster for the entire family in the house.
Other areas are also important. However all such dosh / defects can be rectified through Pyra Vastu Rectification Process. The process is simple and does not involve any physical or structural changes.

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