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What is Vastu?

What is vastu shastra?
In Indic, Vaastu suggests that to create setting and a close and Shastra suggests that an ideal system or a by-laws. The word Vaastu came from the Vastva, suggests that something that gives shelter. Vaastu Shastra tells the ways for building any reasonably shelter that have innate setting owing to the combined positive effects of the 5 components known as Panch Mahabhuta. Vaastu Shastra encompasses the techniques to make a decision directions, placement and positioning of varied aspects associated with building. If any shelter, be it home, industrial institution or industrial premise, is constructed on the rules of Vaastu Shastra, if actually bless the owner with health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

History Of Vaastu-Shastra
The Vaidic social organisation and every one its parts were supported logical reasons primarily needed for the welfare of individual. This whole structure was aimed toward shaping a correct system that makes natural process between cosmic energies and human shelter. In Vaidic times, the students were well-versed with advanced scientific applications referred to as subhavaastu. when correct permutations and mixtures of varied parts concerned in building construction, appropriate directions for everything associated with building is effectively drawn. every guideline represented in Vaastu Shastra is powerfully backed by the scientific causes and vivid impacts of natural powers are explained.

Vaastu Purush- The Demi God
Though Vaastu science has been represented by varied students through completely different epics, nonetheless the essence and logics square measure identical. consistent with the idea of Brihat Veda, associate degree unreal person within the type of God known as Vaastu Purush or Demi God WHO governs every house. Vaastu Purush is gift in each human dwelling house and is accountable for smart or unhealthy fortune. Therefore, Vaastu Purush ought to to be appeased for the betterment of house and its inhabitants. To appease him, sacred ceremonies ought to be followed. Therefore, the master of any house should always spare the body of the spirit within the course of construction through mental object of the architects. If any of its many elements were rendered defective, the results for the master can be harmful.

Vaastu Mandala
Mandala suggests that configuration, enclosure or network and it's specific to time, place, person and purpose. they're within the holistic tradition of Vedic science, Purusha and pattern area unit related to Vaastu.

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